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Project Based Recruitment

The Angus Group primarily handles executive and professional search engagements focused on one particular role but due to a transition or change in business, we recognize that organizations can find themselves with multiple needs at one time.  Our Project Recruiting solution helps address these instances.  Whether it is due to a merger or acquisition, a corporate or facility relocation, opening a new location, or launching a new product, organizations sometimes need to fill multiple positions within a certain timeframe.  Our team develops a cost effective, customized recruiting plan to meet your specific needs and deliver skilled talent to align with your goals.   


​We have been meeting the people needs of business for more than 50 years.  As such, we understand the challenges of recruiting top talent, from a shortage of qualified candidates and inconsistent processes, to a lack of time and insufficient tools.  These factors all lead to increased cost and deadlines being missed.  The Angus Group partners with you to fill the positions that have a major impact on your business.

Finding the best candidates is a time consuming and often costly process.  Our discipline specific Practice Leaders have the experience, knowledge, and network to identify the talent you need.  We can then recruit those individuals who match the skills required for the role and fit your culture.  Our process combines recruiting expertise with the latest technologies to help find and assess potential candidates.  Our goal is to simplify the hiring process and improve the quality of hire while enhancing the candidate experience so that everyone involved is left with a positive impression of your company.  Exceptional candidates filling critical roles in your organization not only helps meet immediate business needs but helps drive growth and makes a lasting impact.


​How We Help

According to recent studies, replacing employees can cost more than twice their annual salary, particularly when you factor in the disruption to your business.  This takes time away from your core function and is an expensive process.  The Angus Group works to alleviate that burden by investing our time and resources into finding high-quality candidates and streamlining the hiring process.  Each day that passes with a critical position unfilled, the less efficient your company is running.  Whether you are replacing employees or adding multiple people due to expansion, we’ll partner with your leadership team and develop a customized and cost-effective plan focused on bringing the right candidates to you.


To identify and recruit top talent to your organization, you need a proactive approach.  Relying on a job posting and waiting for the right candidates to respond is not enough in today’s market. This may bring in a few individuals with marginal qualifications and you don’t find the best person for the job, maybe just the best person actively looking for one.  With our knowledge of the market, our experienced team can find and contact potential candidates that job postings don’t reach, screening out those who aren’t a match.  We actively promote your organization to candidates who may not be looking and while they may know your overall company brand, we help to build your ‘employer’ brand.  This is a critical step that is often ignored, but it is one that causes people to want to join your team.  The Angus Group will work with you to align your business strategy with your talent strategy.


Our suite of solutions, from executive & professional search to board services, assessments, and project-based recruiting combine to meet the people needs of your business and help your organization grow into the future.

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