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The Angus Group Difference

Our people are an important difference at The Angus Group. We provide dedicated, knowledgeable Practice Leaders to head your search.  With long term experience within the industries they serve, our dedicated experts know their disciplines, the demands and the talent pool available. Their knowledge and resources to search out candidates who are not actively “in the job market” helps focus the search and most effectively leads to the best candidates. Clients consider our discipline-specific Practice Leaders to be a distinct advantage of working with The Angus Group.

Research Capabilities

Even with internal talent acquisition teams, advances in machine learning, and popular recruiting tools and social media sites, those methods can still only target site members or people actively seeking employment.  This obviously shrinks and already limited pool of talent.  Often the people you need are not actively looking for new job opportunities.  Our research combines years of industry specific experience and contacts with the latest technologies to uncover those people.  This helps ensure that our Practice Leaders have the right information at the right time in order to find the right people for our clients. In today’s battle for talent, knowing the industries we serve is paramount.  Our research team is a key to helping us continually identify and evaluate the ever-changing talent needs our clients have.

With that in mind, we invest significant time and resources in the research phase of every search we perform, as each of our clients’ needs are you unique.  This means focusing on the specifics and providing candidates who fit your organization, culture, and growth objectives.  This is part of the reason that 92% of the candidates we present, were unknown to us at the start of the search.  Our clients deserve nothing less than our best effort every time.  While the Angus Group maintains a state-of-the-art database of tens of thousands of professional contacts, we want to ensure that we are finding the best possible candidates for your needs. That starts with a dedicated research process and a customized search strategy that includes industry and competitor analysis, along with the expertise and network that The Angus Group has developed over many years.  This all leads to an efficient and effective search that results in filling your organization’s most critical roles.

Our team also gathers internal analytics in addition to client specific external research.  This enables us to continually evaluate our processes, build a successful team, and offer improved services to help our clients grow their teams as well.  Contact us today to learn more about our Practice Leaders, Solutions, and The Angus Group difference.

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