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At The Angus Group, we’ve created a collaborative environment where our people share functional industry expertise from the experience gained and lessons learned throughout their careers.  We work as a team where everyone’s contributions matter and that brings energy and creativity to the firm.  Our Practice Leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, possessing a wealth of experience and in-depth understanding of the industries they serve.  They are sincere, diligent, and have the ability to adapt and build lasting relationships.


We look for people who want the opportunity to make an impact, are self-starters, creative, innovative, determined and want to work with the best.  If you enjoy having the freedom to chart your own course, building and growing relationships, and new challenges, The Angus Group may be the place for you/what you’re looking for.

Coupling their expertise with our unlimited reach, we are able to identify and share developing trends and insights in leadership with both our clients and each other.  This is just part of what makes The Angus Group a unique and rewarding place to build your career. Every person on our team brings an honest, candid approach and an enthusiasm for solving and ‘meeting the people needs of business.’  If you share this passion, whether you’re an experienced search consultant or looking to bring expertise and relationships from another industry, The Angus Group may be the right firm for you.


Contact us to learn more about opportunities at The Angus Group.

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