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Executive Search Dedication for Non-Executive Roles

We understand that the need for talented and experienced people is not limited to the executive level.

The Angus Group has the expertise and knowledge to recruit specialized professionals across all of our functional disciplines.  We are uniquely suited to help organizations identify people at the senior and middle management levels, as well as finding senior level talent for individual contributor roles.  Recruiting for these positions can be just as challenging, and often just as critical to your company’s success as finding the right people at the C-Level.  That is why we bring the same dedication, quality, and 9-Step Search Process to our Professional Search solution as we do at the executive level.

Our Practice Leaders have extensive expertise in the functional industries they serve, which spans accounting, engineering, finance, human resources, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, sales, supply chain, and technology.  Each of our practices integrates seamlessly with our Executive Search services, giving us a more complete view of the best talent in each market.  Our Professional Search solutions combines our expertise, proven history of results, and knowledge of the market & current compensation trends, with our innovative Cultural Assessment and other tools and technologies.

We can also supplement your search with our proven Comprehensive Assessment tools to help predict the ability of candidates to be successful in your organization.

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