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9-Step Search Process

As leaders in the executive search industry, we have more than five decades of successful experience finding leaders and key talent to meet the people needs of businesses of all types and size.  Our success stems from our commitment to finding the right fit for both the client and the candidate. To do this, we build an understanding of your business goals first, and then provide people who can elevate your organizations performance in order to meet those goals. The Angus Group presents only the candidates who meet your specific needs, culture, and expectations – in other words, the right people for your position.  We serve as your trusted partner to help solve your organizational leadership and talent gaps.


Our goal at The Angus Group is to streamline the process, taking care of all the details so that you can focus on your core business.  We customize every search to meet the unique characteristics and needs of your organization and of each position.  As your trusted search  partner,  we  work  to  fully  understand  the  complexities  of  your company, it’s culture, leadership, stakeholders, and vision.  These are key factors in a successful search process to ensure that we provide the talent and solutions-based results that align with your goals now and into the future.


We follow a structured and proven 9-step process to ensure a smooth and successful search.

Define & Strategize

A position description typically defines the primary responsibilities for the role as well as a summary of career and educational experiences that a candidate should have in their background. As a first step, we meet with you and any other desired team members (hiring manager, search committee, stakeholders) to discuss the priorities for the position and determine what will define successful performance, along with the leadership and interpersonal skills required. Many times, this type of information is not contained in the position description, but it proves to be crucial in effectively determining a potential candidate’s capability of being a successful and effective member of your team. We then develop a composite profile, combining the formal job description with the insight gained from your team, to define the type of candidates we will seek out.  This profile is provided to you for approval. At this point we also discuss the process details, any confidentiality issues, assessment options, schedules, budget, and other plans such as (i.e. publicizing of position, target companies, etc.).  After agreement on the search criteria, we develop a customized strategy for your specific needs.  If you choose to use our Cultural Assessment Tool, we work with you and your team to set up and complete that process.



The search process involves many resources, including our own industry expertise and contacts, our state-of-the-art database, and a substantial proprietary network developed over many years.  Our team also researches relevant organizations, companies, competitors, and industries that were identified in the Define & Strategize phase.  Combining this with AI and data analytics tools, we are able to broaden the pool of persons to approach about the search beyond those actively seeking new opportunities. We also contact people in our network, either for personal interest, or to gain recommendations of qualified candidates.  With that in mind, we invest significant time and resources in the research phase of every search we perform to help ensure that we are finding the best possible candidates for your needs. If desired, we can also publicize the position through various sources.


We perform an initial qualifying interview to determine fit for the position and gauge interest level.  If a match exists, we conduct a deeper behavioral based interview to help us determine the relevance of the candidate’s experience as it relates to the unique position requirements.  If applicable, we also have candidates sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the confidential nature of the role.  It is only then that we share information about your company, discuss any questions about your organization and brand, and provide context around the position to develop sincere interest from potential candidates.  In person interviews are conducted for local candidates and video interviews for non-local candidates, though we can travel to meet candidates residing out of the region with your approval.


Candidates are evaluated and qualified through a detailed behavioral interview process to determine the relevance of their experience compared to your unique needs.  We delve deeply into the areas you identified as challenges and important objectives for the role.  This helps ensure that a candidate can perform effectively in areas that are critical to their success within your organization.  During these conversations, we further gauge the interest level of the candidate to avoid carrying forward those that are not truly motivated to accept the position.  We present those people who are capable of performing the work, are sincerely interested in the opportunity, fall within the compensation range, and fit your organization’s culture.  Once selected, a Candidate Profile is submitted to you, which includes a summary of the person’s qualifications, leadership style, compensation, relocation requirements (if applicable), and motivation for interest.


All candidates introduced to you by The Angus Group will have completed our Cultural Assessment if requested during the Define & Strategize step at the beginning of the search.  This tool measures your culture at the team, group, and corporate level and then provides predictive analysis and insight about each candidate’s fit and motivators.


If desired, we can also have candidates complete our applicable competency-based assessment (Executive, Management & Professional, and Sales) to measure mental aptitudes, management competencies, knowledge of leadership skills, and behaviors that are essential to the role.  We typically perform these assessments after the first interview and prior to any subsequent meetings with you and your team.  The Angus Group’s assessment tools can help predict whether a candidate can be successful long-term in the role and for your company.


The Angus Group will assist in coordinating interview logistics and provide an agenda to each candidate. In cases where the search is confidential or candidate interviews need to be performed off-site, our offices are available to you.  We will also debrief each candidate regarding their interview(s) and provide you with the feedback.


We conduct in-depth reference checks on the finalist(s) and provide a written report of the results. The Angus Group can also verify candidate educational credentials.  If requested, we can also supplement your process of obtaining background information, typically regarding criminal history, driver’s license status and credit history.  As this information is highly confidential, we arrange for a third-party vendor to provide this service directly to your company.  We will discuss this option with you at the appropriate time to determine what actions are necessary.


When the finalist is identified, we act as a liaison between the client and the candidate.  Our Practice Leader is available to assist in whatever capacity may be required, including assisting with offer preparation, review of references and assessment results, relocation considerations, etc.  We believe in a “no surprises” offer at the conclusion of the search process by keeping you informed of the candidate’s current and desired compensation as well as any other compensation components.  If desired, we will negotiate the offer and communicate with both parties so that the offer meets expectations and acceptance is assured.  To help ensure a smooth transition, we can also assist with the onboarding process and help coordinate the completion of pre-employments checks.  Our goal is to pave the way for a comfortable and compatible relationship for both you and the candidate.  Once an offer is accepted, we will also notify all other candidates of the search outcome.  This helps ensure that everyone involved in the process is left with a positive, lasting impression of your organization.


Our involvement doesn’t end when the candidate begins work.  We will contact the candidate several times, typically at three months, six months and one-year employment dates, to gauge satisfaction and get their thoughts on the reality of the position versus expectations.  If any of the feedback received is something you should be aware, we will counsel with you to resolve any potential issues.

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