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Executive Search Expertise

The Angus Group helps our clients identify, assess, recruit, and retain exceptional executives to lead your organization into the future. In today’s business climate, leaders are expected to drive and maximize growth, performance, and innovation. We assist organizations in meeting these challenges by helping build talented leadership teams who elevate company performance. Executive Search is at the heart of our business and we provide solutions driven by dedicated experience and industry insight.


Successful businesses need dynamic, driven executives who are aligned with your culture and share the vision & values of your organization.  We take the time to understand each of our client’s specific leadership needs, current & future culture, strategic goals, and how you define success for the role.  Our comprehensive process focuses on connecting you with people to meet current needs as well as helping find and develop succession candidates for the long-term.


How We Can Help

Our Practice Leaders have the expertise and high-level contacts to conduct your search.  To find superior talent, we leverage that experience with our industry knowledge, strong professional network, research capabilities, and the latest technologies.  Clients consider our discipline-specific Practice Leaders to be a distinct advantage of working with The Angus Group.  They will handle your search directly, not pass it off to associates or researchers.

The Right People for You

The Angus Group presents candidates who meet the unique characteristics and needs of your organization and each role.  We customize each search to ensure that we provide the talent and solutions-based results that align with your business goals, taking a creative approach to identify potential candidates.  Our Practice Leaders assess and evaluate a person’s experience compared to your unique needs, as well as what success looks like throughout the industry.  As your trusted search partner, we manage candidate expectations throughout the process to ensure they each have a positive, lasting impression of your organization. 

Our Trusted/Proven Process & Tools

Our proprietary 9-step search process has been developed and refined over the past 50 years.  This process has been proven to provide our clients with an efficient and effective search that results in addressing their most critical leadership needs. Through our behavioral interviews, cultural and leadership assessments, references, and in-depth market knowledge, we identify and recruit the right talent for your organizational needs.  We develop an ideal Executive profile that candidates will be benchmarked against as well as measuring them against leadership traits that have been shown to correlate with success.

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