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Board Search & Recruitment

There is intense competition for talent at all levels in today’s market and board positions are no exception.  Adding to the challenge are the heightened expectations placed on boards regarding accountability, transparency, and global vision.  This requires potential board members to be more adaptable than ever.  As such, candidates who bring integrity, specialized skills, and strategic insight to the boardroom are in high demand and sometimes hesitant to assume the additional commitment and scrutiny that can often come with these roles.


The Angus Group’s Board Search and Recruitment services integrate seamlessly with our Executive Search practice.  Given our extensive work with people at the executive level, we have built relationships and contacts that enable us to quickly connect with an ever-growing network of potential candidates.


How We Help

Whether your requirements are industry specific, based on skillset, or geographically restricted, our team has the experience and knowledge of the current market to meet your distinct needs.  We will develop a customized approach and invest the time to closely understand your strategic goals, operational challenges, and ‘ideal’ candidate profile.  We’ll also provide counsel to potentially broaden the search to include non-traditional individuals who can make an impact and bring a fresh approach.     


Our team will then discreetly engage potential candidates to gauge interest and fully understand their qualifications and fit.  The Angus Group presents only those individuals who align with your objectives and enhance your current board’s capabilities and the value added to the organization.  When candidates are presented, we provide a profile that details their expertise and the impact they could bring to the board.

Board Culture

Understanding culture is a critical factor in ensuring your board operates effectively, particularly as performance expectations continue to rise.  The Angus Group’s Cultural Assessment uses time-tested science combined with analytics and AI.  We can measure the current culture to gain insights about your board members that will help achieve alignment and diversity of thought.  This data can be used to optimize performance and communication as well as helping to plan for and develop your future culture.  We’ll partner with you to create ideal profiles that any new board members can be benchmarked against moving forward.  Candidates can be measured for alignment with the current culture or for complimentary fit to fill in any gaps that may exist.    


Our Cultural Assessment can also measure Board and Executive alignment.  It provides a clearer understanding of organizational dynamics, helps to drive optimum performance, enhance communication between the board and management, and improve overall effectiveness.

Board Succession

The Angus Group’s Board Search services work to help you develop a strategic roadmap for succession options and provide candidates who align with the skills and values your board needs.  We can proactively measure current board culture, plan for cultural goals, and develop an ‘ideal’ profile you will look for in potential members of the future.


When the time for transition approaches, we will conduct an in-depth search to help ensure a smooth succession.  Our expertise and 50+ years of executive search experience enable us to find the talent your board needs to thrive and meet expectations into the future.

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