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Cultural, Leadership & Talent Assessments

Talented and skilled people are the foundation of every successful organization.  Having the right people in the right roles to make an impact is critical to propelling your company forward.  As ‘meeting the people needs of business’ becomes more challenging in today’s environment, the cost of an unsuccessful hire can be devastating to your organization.  In addition to costing you time and resources, it can also negatively affect business performance, company culture, morale, and your employer brand.  Hiring based on skillset alone is not enough.  That is why we take the time to assess potential candidates beyond those parameters, giving you a more complete picture of how effective they can be in your organization long-term.  This leads to better communication, higher engagement and retention, increased team understanding and collaboration, a smoother hiring process, and optimal performance.

Whether you are hiring at the C-Suite and executive level, management level, or key individual contributors; you need the right people performing in these crucial roles.  Our offering of innovative and science backed assessment solutions helps ensure that you select someone who is the best fit for your organization.  This provides you with additional insights that are free of the subjectivity and bias that can sometimes cloud the hiring process.  The Angus Group’s talent assessments address cultural fit, mental abilities, personality traits, and leadership skills as well as providing customized behavioral interview questions and professional development tips.

Assessment Categories:


Beyond the search and hiring process, our assessment services also help to build and develop strong leadership teams and align talent through organizational transitions or changes in business.  The Angus Group can provide consultation to assist with:


Cultural & Leadership Change

Companies today find it very difficult to measure corporate culture, which makes it nearly impossible to understand and improve.  The Angus Group’s clients can leverage our tools and years of experience evaluating talent to assess their current culture, define desired culture, and build a more effective and engaging leadership strategy.  This helps companies retain top talent, develop leaders, and create a higher performing organization.


Developing Leaders & Benchmarking

Our tools can measure present culture and strategy against your current executive team, helping to ensure they possess the behavioral competencies and leadership skills needed to achieve results.  We aren’t limited to providing counsel across the executive level.  The Angus Group can also help align vision with talent across your entire organization.  Our functional industry expertise and innovative tools combine to provide insight on ‘predictive performance’ and success from the C-level, to middle-management and even key individual contributors throughout your company.  We’re able to benchmark existing leaders and teams and against the broader market as well as each other, all helping your organization create an environment for growth.

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